I think I have an unusual lucky charm…after all don’t most of us have a lucky rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, beetle, or some other object that we attach luck to? Mine is living and breathing and she is 10 years old. Can you guess? My daughter is the luckiest person I know. If she enters a contest i would say her chances of winning are great, especially if we are there in person when the winning ticket is drawn. She has won necklaces, movie passes, barbie gear, puzzles, books, games,magazine subscriptions, craft supplies and her list goes on. For her it is fun but it is her attitude that gets me and makes me check mine-she EXPECTS to win, she enters thinking it is hers and more often then naught she is right. I think her attitude is her lucky charm. Prizes are drawn to her. It has me thinking I need to think it is mine and put down that inanimate object…what do you think? do you have a lucky charm and if so how has it brought you luck? The Lucky Cannuck wants to know!