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I have been having a good month so far when it comes to far this Month..

Win#1- An envelope filled with goodies from a member contest on Frugal Shopper.

Win#2- Huge Lindt Chocolate Bunny–Quest for the  Bunny(live event)

Win#3- Lindt again but this time 150g tin of Chocolate

Win#4- Environmentally friendly products- from school raffle

Win#5-Mystery read from harper collins.

and then there are the freebies -From cheese, From Pigsback $10 Timmy’s card, and a board game from buzz agent.So far a very good start for me!


Sometimes people think I am a wee bit off my rocker. Why? Because I search out the FREEBIE, the less expensive route. Some people would rather spend more or not fill out that ballot because there thought is you are what you pay for. Well I am the exact opposite in thought. I Love my wins and freebies. For me it has allowed me to try new things, be the first to see a movie, read books before they are released, try new products,  do things and go places without spending a dollar. Does that make me off my rocker? No it makes me smart and lucky…blessed some would say!

Okay I love to enter contests! But my time is very limited for this hobby of mine. So how do I do it, and still get in at least a few wins each month? First I need to let you know I prioritize. I don’t enter every contest that I could just because. First it has to be for something I want to WIN. I then enter local contests first, then national ones, I rarely go and enter international ones unless it is something I really want like that trip to Disney!

Now how am I able to enter the about 75-100 contests that I enter on a daily basis online? Roboform and Contest Girl . First I downloaded Roboform form and use it instead of having to enter my information manually saving me seconds at each site. Then I visit  one of my favorite sites Contest Girl. By registering there you can use the My Contest section to keep track of what you are entering. I like it alot. Right now I have about 60 contests that I am entering on a daily basis, and then there are my one time or weekly entries.

By using these tools I really do feel like a lucky cannuck just waiting for my wins to come in. Now I am off to visit Don’t Try this at Home to see what works for everyone else.

Well I used a random number generator to pick the winner of my first Bloggy Give Away and the winner is…. MIMI of Mimi’s Jewl Box. Congrats Mimi!

It was great to read why you consider yourselves lucky, and it was refreshing to see so many of you choosing family as what makes you lucky. Hoping you will all come back and visit now you hear!

 I think I have an unusual lucky charm…after all don’t most of us have a lucky rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, beetle, or some other object that we attach luck to? Mine is living and breathing and she is 10 years old. Can you guess? My daughter is the luckiest person I know. If she enters a contest i would say her chances of winning are great, especially if we are there in person when the winning ticket is drawn. She has won necklaces, movie passes, barbie gear, puzzles, books, games,magazine subscriptions, craft supplies and her list goes on. For her it is fun but it is her attitude that gets me and makes me check mine-she EXPECTS to win, she enters thinking it is hers and more often then naught she is right. I think her attitude is her lucky charm. Prizes are drawn to her. It has me thinking I need to think it is mine and put down that inanimate object…what do you think? do you have a lucky charm and if so how has it brought you luck? The Lucky Cannuck wants to know!


Photobucket Well who doesn’t like to get something for free? I know I do! This week one of my favorite bloggers is hosting a Bloggy Give Away Carnival. Right now there are over 700 blogs giving stuff away this week! Do you feel lucky? I do! Now many are only open to US addresses but at least 100 or more let us Cannucks participate..

What am I giving away? Something that was given to me last month..a book. I was lucky enough to get it from a Facebook  group I belong to for Canadian readers. The book is an classic and one of those books everyone should read before they die.. The Book is : A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

This is a NEW blog so to win: 1. you must post a comment leaving your email when you do…it doesnt appear on screen but I can find it(or some other way to contact you if you are the lucky winner). 2. You must tell me what makes you feel lucky. Any comments that dont well lets just say your comments will not be in the draw. This contest closes Friday, Feb.1st at 7 pm EST. This contest is open to Canadian and American postal addresses and yes shipping is included. So what makes you feel lucky?

By the way some of you will know me as the writer of Cheaper than Cheap, my Cheap  Frugal blog here on WordPress.


Hello Blogland I am a Lucky Cannuck! So what? Who are You?

I am a solo flying parent.

I  am a writer and a reader.

I  am Canadian.

I am a contestor.

I am a coupoun collector and user.

I love a good freebie.

I like to take care of my enviroment.

I am on a spirtual quest.

I will be blogging about contesting here in Canada, freebie finds, and some times life will roll in . I will also be hosting a few bloggy give-aways during the year so you will want to stay tuned. What makes me able to write about being lucky? I am lucky! I had several great freebie finds last year and won several contests from movie passes, to Argo tickets, to a necklace, to cash, to books and the list does go on. I have not won the big ones yet but I want too. If I do you will definitely read about it here. If you happen to have a product you want me to write about and giveaway here please feel free to contact me.