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In the March issue of O Magazine there is a great article “5 Things Happy People Do”. It got me thinking you really need to be happy to have the luck..Attitude, happiness joy and luck all go hand in hand. They are the necessities for a winning life so what do happy people do?

1. They find their authentic self- they picture JOY!

2. They design their lives to bring in joy. They plan for joy! They do the things they love to do, things that excite them.

3.They don’t dwell on the “if only”…You know if only I lost the twenty pounds, got the better job, got that certain win then life would be grand thinking. You got to be content and thankful for all you have–it is part in parcel of having real happiness and luck.

4. They take care of their friends..friendship is an important part of life. I know I treasure the time that I get to hang with friends.

5. They allow themselves to be happy! Some people are always thinking I will be happy when I get this project or that done. I love this quote from the article.

“”Some people would say you shouldn’t strive for personal happiness until you’ve taken care of everyone in the world who is starving or doesn’t have adequate medical care,” says Howard Cutler, MD, coauthor with the Dalai Lama of The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World. “The Dalai Lama believes you should pursue both simultaneously. For one thing, there is clear research showing that happy people tend to be more open to helping others. They also make better spouses and parents.” And in one famous study, nuns whose autobiographies expressed positive emotions (such as gratitude and optimism) lived seven to 10-and-a-half years longer than other nuns. So, for any die-hard pessimist who still needs persuading, just think of how much more you can help the world if you allow a little happiness into your life. ”

I really do believe the more happiness that I have in my life equates to the more lucky I am. I can not have luck if I am not at that happy place. One can never be too happy or too lucky ! So here is wishing you happiness and luck!