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Welcome to my party!

Over at 5 Minutes for Momthe gals are hosting a blog party for us Moms! Woohoo!

We all love a great party right?

So welcome, take off your shoes or boots, there are hand-knit slippers in the box by the door just because I knew you were coming. Would you like a cup of tea? Can I offer you a piece of carrot cake tonight?or some chocolate? My personal fav tea is peppermint and as I blog I am often drinking the stuff! Do you want the comfy chair or should we sit at the table and chat.

Thanks for coming by my newest adventure. I have a hobby that I  love that I would love to share with you. It is contesting! Do you love a giveaway or prize or freebie? I  do! I also love the word FREE. I never enter a contest that costs me money to enter. So far I have had alot of cool wins. I believe I am a lucky cannuck! I enter contests where I really want the win only. This week was a win in the Quest for the Lindt Gold Bunny. I love chocolate! This contest was and is only open to Canadians…go and play and see if you too win a tin of chocolate or maybe that trip to Europe! Talking of great prizes have you seen all the prizes you can win participating in this party??

My personal favorites aren’t open to us Cannucks but are:

1.Kristin at An Ordinary Life is giving away $23 to your paypal acct to celebrate her birthday (#55)

2. A new blog design by Sweet Simple Design. I could of so used this one for this blog here!(#24)

3. A 6 week fitness plan by Go Workout Mom. I am trying to lose weight so this one is another that would of been great for me.

Now for those few that are open to us Canadians

I would really love to win the tea set that Alyson is offering!! I also like the lamb photo frame that Amydeanne is offering.

Now if you are a Canadian visiting and you want to contest well I really recommend two sites Contest Girl and Frugal Shopper and the forums there.

Well hope that you enjoyed your visit…come back soon!