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Yesterday Vinay Menon wrote a review of the documentary about Contesting that was on CBC last night. I really think calling us that enter as a hobby freaks or encouraging the use of swear words was a bit much.

Let me tell you why I enter contests: I am a solo parent of one child who lives in Canada’s largest city on $1240 a month? Could you do that and NOT look for the freebies and contests that provide fun for us?

I enter contests that I  really want to win only. I do not enter every contest. For me I like experience, movie passes, Canadian travel, computer, and cash contests. I also like books! For me a single parent it is how I am able to give my daughter experiences like any other child.

Last year our wins included a Keith urban concert, movie passes, ROM passes, Casa Loma passes, CNE passes, music downloads, restaurant Gift certificates, and books. All the prizes were small but very useful for this lucky mom.

Contesting for me does not take away from our family life it enhances it. My daughter likes the writing contests…you know the ones where you have to do something to win, as they make her think. Now she hasn’t won one yet but it does get her thinking (one example of this was the Habitat for Humanity writing contest last fall). So some may call us freaks, I will call us smart, wise, and lucky!