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Okay I love to enter contests! But my time is very limited for this hobby of mine. So how do I do it, and still get in at least a few wins each month? First I need to let you know I prioritize. I don’t enter every contest that I could just because. First it has to be for something I want to WIN. I then enter local contests first, then national ones, I rarely go and enter international ones unless it is something I really want like that trip to Disney!

Now how am I able to enter the about 75-100 contests that I enter on a daily basis online? Roboform and Contest Girl . First I downloaded Roboform form and use it instead of having to enter my information manually saving me seconds at each site. Then I visit  one of my favorite sites Contest Girl. By registering there you can use the My Contest section to keep track of what you are entering. I like it alot. Right now I have about 60 contests that I am entering on a daily basis, and then there are my one time or weekly entries.

By using these tools I really do feel like a lucky cannuck just waiting for my wins to come in. Now I am off to visit Don’t Try this at Home to see what works for everyone else.