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I have been having a good month so far when it comes to far this Month..

Win#1- An envelope filled with goodies from a member contest on Frugal Shopper.

Win#2- Huge Lindt Chocolate Bunny–Quest for the  Bunny(live event)

Win#3- Lindt again but this time 150g tin of Chocolate

Win#4- Environmentally friendly products- from school raffle

Win#5-Mystery read from harper collins.

and then there are the freebies -From cheese, From Pigsback $10 Timmy’s card, and a board game from buzz agent.So far a very good start for me!


Hello Blogland I am a Lucky Cannuck! So what? Who are You?

I am a solo flying parent.

I  am a writer and a reader.

I  am Canadian.

I am a contestor.

I am a coupoun collector and user.

I love a good freebie.

I like to take care of my enviroment.

I am on a spirtual quest.

I will be blogging about contesting here in Canada, freebie finds, and some times life will roll in . I will also be hosting a few bloggy give-aways during the year so you will want to stay tuned. What makes me able to write about being lucky? I am lucky! I had several great freebie finds last year and won several contests from movie passes, to Argo tickets, to a necklace, to cash, to books and the list does go on. I have not won the big ones yet but I want too. If I do you will definitely read about it here. If you happen to have a product you want me to write about and giveaway here please feel free to contact me.